The spirit of this website

My work

My profession is literature. I will write and edit any kind of text. I am interested both in commercial and artistic projects. Translating, editing, writing, reading, publishing, that's what I like doing. My mother is from England and my father from Germany; I grew up bilingually.

Promoting spiritual literature

A cultural movement that is often called "spirituality" has gained a degree of popularity in recent years, partly aided by the fact that "spiritual" author Eckhart Tolle published a complex religious-philosophical book a few years ago that went on to become a bestseller in many languages.

As far as I can tell, many people still view spirituality as something of a specialist thing. They view it as something that "spiritual people" do. I believe that the fundamental questions being raised by this movement concern everyone. The ultimate aim of spirituality is to find inner joy and inner peace regardless of the circumstances around you. Who would say no to that?

But many texts originating from the spiritual movement seem to me to have only a small circulation, and they are sometimes not very profound, often serving as simple textbooks or manuals. They are frequently read by people who are interested in psychology for private reasons, or who want to engage in self-improvement. I advocate increasing the profoundness and accessibility of these ideas; people will then be able to share their thoughts on spiritual issues in a more lively manner.

What spirituality means to me

I understand "spirituality" to include the following basic ideas: We are essentially good, not evil, and possess a kind of "divine essence", without being godlike. But we also obstruct and undermine our divine essence in a variety of ways. Injuries sustained in the past and a social environment which is often hostile to life add to our confusion and blockage.

We experience being cut off from our fundamental essence or source as a kind of separation, the feeling of being separated from other people, from ourselves, from our calling, from life's basic needs, and even from our body. The aim of spirituality is to unmake this separation, not primarily by fighting the facilitators of separation—whether they are politicians, parents, the older generation, the powerful, the past, or people's own inner conflicts and monsters—, but by the opposite: through inner peace. We can achieve inner peace by abandoning our ego and embracing an authentic existence. This means giving up on our ego that is the result of life's confrontations and our survival instinct; the ego corresponds to our personality, something which we normally put great effort into maintaining.

Inner peace does not mean listlessly or passively awaiting our fate. On the contrary, achieving inner peace can often help us to break free for the first time, and this freedom can open up a space for us to act in wholly new ways. This may, for instance, lead to the unravelling of the belief that people are psychologically predetermined, i.e. that everyone is conditioned by their childhood and youth and can therefore only tread a very narrow path as an adult; It may also lead to the unravelling of the classification of all humans in two categories, either "perpetrator" or "victim".

A broader horizon

What else may happen? The feeling of separation or dissociation, and the feeling of being surrounded by enemies may unravel. A narrow-minded perspective that exclusively focuses on the individual may unravel. The belief in eternal progress, which sees a benevolent scientific community or political movement solving everybody's problems for them, may unravel. To a certain extent the whole established history of mankind may unravel. Ultimately, even time as we know it may unravel.

What we are left with is a very vital basic feeling of presence, knowing that everything is connected to everything else and that everyone is connected to everyone else; knowing that theoretically learned knowledge and knowledge that is derived from language will always be of limited value; knowing that, even though one may abandon the concepts of guilt and revenge, the principle of cause and effect still exists; and knowing that every human possesses an inner spiritual energy that enables and entitles each person to realise themselves.

This media platform was created to follow up on these thoughts in more detail by republishing original texts and by publishing new translations and current texts. I also want to advertise my work as author, journalist, translator and editor through this website. I like working with people. Let's get going!