What this website offers

On my website I publish texts that you can read on screen and print out. How do I choose these texts? I feel they have something to tell me about my life; I want to share them with other people. I would call them "spiritual" texts, but style, content and the original publication date may vary considerably. I publish essays, stories, plays, poems, philosophical reflections, book reviews and many other types of text. You will find more information on the topics this website covers here.

This website publishes new texts and texts that have been forgotten or are not on the internet. Other texts are made accessible to readers of English or German for the first time through a professional translation; new translations are meant to improve on previously published versions. This website is also about readability: electronic books that you can read with a digital reading device or your computer are an important feature.


The spirit of this website

My profession is literature. I will write and edit any kind of text. I am interested in both commercial and artistic projects. Translating, editing, writing, reading, publishing, that's what I like doing. My mother is from England and my father from Germany; I grew up bilingually.

A cultural movement that is often called "spirituality" has gained a degree of popularity in recent years. But many people still view spirituality as something of a specialist thing. They view it as something that "spiritual people" do. I believe that the fundamental questions being raised by this movement concern everyone.

"Translating, editing, writing, reading, publishing, that's what I like doing."



My business is writing, editing, publishing

I will write and edit any kind of text. My work is always professional, whether it is commercial or artistic. I will gladly publish original texts and translations on this website should I like them. I will respond to any serious query.

Reading electronic books

Anyone can publish electronic books (e-books) today without needing a big distribution network. Everyone can share in having a large library of good books. New writing, which otherwise would perhaps be left unpublished, can be brought to the attention of readers without much effort. But the design of a book and the way the data are processed still remain an essential part of publishing.